Lowest Price! HIFU tighting skin rejuvenation wrinkle removal beauty device

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Features and Specifications:

  • The deepest depth to the deep fascia layer SMAS.
  • Mainly used for overall skin sagging, wrinkles too much skin aging, rough, reshape the face curve, effectively improve the eye region and neck tissue relaxation, ptosis.
  • Safe and without wound: invasive stimulation of deep collagen and elastic fiber hyperplasia.
  • A long lasting effect can be maintained for more than 3 years
  • Human skin is aging with time, except skin aging, fascia, ligament relaxation caused by muscle sag which is the deeper reason: SMAS relaxation problem. It is covered in leather deep tissue, a layer of connective tissue film connecting fatty subcutaneous tissue and shallow muscle. And the skin (epidermis, dermis), subcutaneous tissue (fat) closely connected into integration to form the facial contour, the overall support for the skin, muscle and bone.
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